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Private jet Charterer

Flights coordination, operation
for customers or other brokers
based on their specific requests.

Private jet Operator

Management of operation
and maintenance services for aircrafts
under our Technical department.

Private jet Broker

Our travel management is
adjusted to arrange the additional
services on request.

Hawker Beechjet 400A

Our two aircrafts are ready to transport you to a destination based on your needs and wishes.

Air Taxi

One Way, Return or Roundtrip Flights. Unlimited
combination of requested flights. We offer
transportation to plenty of airports, from the small
private ones up to the international airports.

Connecting Flights

This highly requested service combines
commercial and private flights.
Based on your needs and wishes
we take you to your dream destination.

Urgent Flights

Call us, prepare yourself for travel,
have your documents ready and meet our crew
at the airport. Your departure is in less than
90 minutes from the flight confirmation.

Prestige interior

You will feel special in our well-equipped
interior and cozy environment on board.
While being served you can enjoy
the beauty of the Earth below.



Why Fly with Us

  • 24/7 aircraft and crew availability
  • Operating at private up to international airports
  • Pet friendly aircrafts
  • Aircraft always waits for you!
  • Departure within 20 min. from your arrival to the airport
  • Any additional services on request
  • Huge baggage allowance